Karin Herzog Dynamic Duo Anti-Cellulite Kit

Karin Herzog Dynamic Duo Anti-Cellulite Kit
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A powerful combination of two Karin Herzog products, Silhouette and Tonus B12, the ‘Dynamic Duo’ is incredibly effective in improving the look and feel of cellulite, as well as actually reducing the circumference of thighs and buttocks when used regularly.

A natural and effective anti-cellulite and re-contouring treatment program.

Silhouette (one of the few anti-cellulite products that does not contain caffeine) is a light emulsion with the highest concentration of oxygen (4%) throughout the entire Karin Herzog line. The powerful 4% oxygen works from the inside out to penetrate areas of the body where the skin is uneven and fatty deposits are their most stubborn. Silhouette effectively dissolves cellulite by forcing oxygen deep into the tissues, blasting away toxins, increasing circulation and improving skins natural repairing and regenerative properties.

Tonus B12, The perfect partner to Silhouette, is a toning and firming cream that contains vitamin B12 and organic green tea, along with sesame, avocado, jojoba and jasmine. Vitamin B12 is essential in assisting the body to convert carbohydrates and fats into energy, while green tea is a powerful antioxidant, high in polyphenols and vitamins A, B, C, E and zinc.

Together, the ‘Dynamic Duo’ utilizes the detoxifying power of 4% pure stabilized oxygen with firming and toning properties of vitamin B12 and green tea to increase circulation and collagen production, reduce swelling and effectively target and diminish cellulite.

Each tube net wt. 5.1 oz.

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